Name Reynard
Pokemon Vulpix
Team Floaters
Team Floaters (Leader)
Age Unknown
Size Average of Same Pokemon
Nature Hasty
Preferred Hand Right
Walking By Two Feet
Hometown Unknown
Living In Team Floaters Secret Base
Season 1
Balloonie TF (Original)
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Reynard is he leader of Floaters, and a balloon lover. The white wings look like angel's one are his trademarks, but they don't let him fly.

Reynard is childish and free spirited, often makes others confused. He has a magical ability to change himself into a balloon, and has shared the ability with his team members. He loves Latias and calls her the postergirl of the Floaters.

Reynard enjoys getting together with his members being balloons. He likes to be inflated, and inflate others. The situation he loves most is a balloon being overinflated and almost pops. He also enjoys popping by overinflation, but he hates when someone pops him or a balloon by a sharp thing.

Information of Balloonie

  • Position of Knot 3rd Tail from Right
  • Limit of Inflation 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
  • Controll Inflating Style
  • Air or Helium Helium
  • Favorite Hobby Inflating to the Limit
  • Feeling of Popping Not Afraid but Hates being Popped by Shaped Things / Enjoying Popping by Overinflation


Reynard is a fursona of the author. As a fursona, Reynard sometimes has the same intelligence as other fursonas, and sometimes changes his abilities to match the worldview, but basically, he has the same character setting as Reynard of the Floaters. It's okay to think of them as the same character.