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Reynard's Personal Website

About this Site

Tsukiiro Souko is a personal website made by "Reynard Wingfox" and includes fanarts and original artworks. The contents may include fetishism and sensitive (sexual) things.

DO NOT use, reproduce or repost any arts done by me.

Free materials may be used in the artworks. Some of the decorations on this site are made by AI.


About Me

Name Reynard Wingfox
Pronoun He / Him
Age Over 20
Birthday April 29
Hobby Drawing, Playing video games
Language Traditional Chinese (Mother tongue)
Japanese (Decent)
English (A little)
Favorite Colors Shades of blue, Monochrome
Main Fursonas Floatycat / Wingfox / Reynard


What's New

Original Series

Worlds Guide

The original characters feature in this site live in various "worlds". The worlds are different, and so are the cultures and races. Before we get to know the characters, let's learn more about their worlds.

Wingfox Space

Wingfox Space is a place created by Wingfox, where everything is possible. Only Wingfox, Floatycat and people close to them can enter and enjoy the space of being free from reality. Here are the introductions of these characters.


Lunartia is a medieval European style fantasy world, also known as a world of swords and sorcery... excluding some strange things, such as electrical appliances slightly popular, or the development of some technology. Here are the stories about furries and monsters living in this otherworldly world.


Sola is a very distant planet from the Earth. It's a future world where science and magic coexist. The ecology is similar to that of Earth, but there are no humans like ones of the Earth, instead there are furries walking by two feet. Let's take a look at a part of the world that is plausibly different from the Earth.

Various Worlds

Puffy World, a place that balloonie animals called "animalloons" live in. Succuballoon, the balloonie succubus stealing energy from boys. Just enjoy the different worlds.


It is a large country in the west of the earth, where people look like animals live. There is a laboratory that use the latest technology to create beings that transcend human common sense, and there is also a peaceful town where incredible balloonie creatures exist.

Eastern Cities

There are bustling cities in the East of the earth, where accumulated history and advanced science coexist. Sometimes non-human beings also lurk among the people...

Games & Anime


Floaters is a group of Pokemon that can freely transform into balloons. With Reynard, a strange Vulpix with wings on his back, the members of Floaters live a light and airy life every day...