Color Palette

  • Body

  • Belly

  • Eyes, Patterns

  • Tongue

Name Floatycat
Pronoun He / Him
Height 0.6m
Preferred Hand Right
Favorite Color Skyblue
  • #Fursona
  • #Balloonie
  • #BalloonFetish
  • #Inflation
  • #Macro
  • #InflatableTF(Ability)
  • #Transformation


One of the author's fursona. The role of balloonie and inflation.

A light blue balloonie cat that usually floating. His eyes have a pattern of the sky. At the end of his tail is a blowhole. He is usually hyper and can rarely be quiet. Even though being a balloon, he loves balloons and other balloonie characters. Helium is his favorite "drink".

He inflates and deflates like a normal balloon. He likes to inflate balloons, inflatables, or other balloonie character, but he more like to be inflated. He loves the feeling of being on the verge of bursting, and he feels good even when he bursts. He also likes to be popped by hugging or pressure. However, he hates being popped by any sharp object.

He can adjust the upper limit of his inflation anytime, so that he can get over hundreds of meters, or pop in less than one meter if he wants to. He can control the way of his inflation, or inflate only a part of his body. He can also change his shape, or change into another balloonie creature. When he deflates completely, he loses his power and cannot float, but he can talk, crawl on the floor, and re-inflate himself. He heals soon after popping, or he can still speak when keeping himself being some shreds. He can turn any ordinary creature he blew into a balloonie.

The sky pattern in his eyes sometimes change and show his emotion, just like changing to rain when being sad, or changing to thunder when being surprised. He can freely enter "Puffy World", where he can enjoy the world as being "The King".


Whole or parts of his body can be freely extended. Also, he can grow fingers.
As long as being within a balloon's range, he can even freely change the shape of his body.
He cannot float while deflated, but can move along the floor and so on, and even pass through a gap.
Sometimes he change the pattern of his eyes with the mood. (Optional)