Lunartia is a medieval European style fantasy world, also known as a world of swords and sorcery... excluding some strange things, such as electrical appliances slightly popular, or the development of some technology. Here are the stories about furries and monsters living in this otherworldly world.


Lunartia is a world of swords and sorcery often seen in the vedio games. Basically, it is a medieval European style fantasy world, but there are a lot of strange places, like electricity is popular to a certain extent and some of the technology is particularly advanced. There are mainly humans and subhumans live, and also some monsters live like human beings.

According to legend, Satan intended to take all of Lunatea, but he was sealed by the hero hundreds of years ago and the world returned to peace. In order to prepare to defeat Satan that may revive at any time, the new heroes sharpen their skills in their adventure day by day.


Lunartia is a very large crescent-shaped continent. In most areas, the nights are longer than the days. There are thought to be other landmasses in the crescent depressions, but there is no means of identifying them due to the strong currents and air currents.


The people of Lunatea believe that the world is made up of the five elements of fire , water , earth , air and dark. Most of the creatures with magical power have one of these five attributes that they are good at. There is no favorable or unfavorable relationship between the attributes.