Attention: This series contains sexual content.


Succubus, a demon stealing energy from boys. And a balloonie one calls Succuballoon. Because of their constitution, they are particularly fond of boys who like balloons. Now it is time they inflate victims' lust...




Succuballoon is a balloonie succubus. Using their innate balloonie bodies, succuballoons' target tend to be balloon lovers.

The common settings of succuballoons of this website are as follows.

  • Succuballoons call their targets "victims".
  • Not only physical things, but also the feelings of victims can become succuballoons' food.
  • Succuballoons are originally , but can also transform into . (But no way to be both.)
  • Succuballoons can stretch more than a normal balloon. The size and expansion limit of their bodies can be changed freely.
  • Succuballoons can move freely even if they are deflated, and they can be recharged at any time to restore the original state.
  • Succuballoons heal soon after popping. They can also keep talking in a broken state.
  • Succuballoons have the ability to temporarily turn victims into balloons. The appearance and nature of the balloon is entirely up to the succuballoons.
  • Succuballoons can erase parts of themselves from a victim's memory.
  • It is taboo to call a demon by the real name, so succuballoons call each other by pseudonyms.
  • Succuballoons' powers are not effective against other Succuballoons.