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  • Small Form
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Color Palette

  • Body

  • Eyes

  • Inside of Ears, Paw Pads

Name Wingfox
Pronoun He / Him
Height Usual: 1.2m / Small: 0.5m
Preferred Hand Right
Favorite Color Skyblue
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  • #BalloonFetish
  • #Macro
  • #Shrinking
  • #Shapeshifting
  • #BalloonieTF(Ability)
  • #InflatableTF(Ability)
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  • #Transformation
  • #Flattening


The representative of the author's fursona.

A white, fluffy fox with a big ahoge (frizz) on his head, and a pair of little wings on his back. He is usually hyper and has a sweet tooth.

He is light and can float off the ground by tapping his wings. He can also move at high speed while floating, and even fly into the sky. Rarely, he moves instantly. The hairs on his chest and tail are infinite pockets so that he can put in and take out things from the hairs. He can always change his size of part or the whole of his body. He can also change his shape, like making his hands into human-like ones, or becoming flat like paper. He usually lives as the taller form, but sometimes as the smaller one.

He is also good at transformation. When he transforms into another creature, he can use the abilities of that one (but only if he is familiar with the creature). He can also transform into a specific character, but in order to completely recreate the appearance and personality, not only can he not use the character's abilities, but also his original ones. However, he is good at transforming into balloonie and inflatable characters, and in particular, he can transform into a Floatycat perfectly. Incidentally, he and Floatycat share their memories.

He has the ability to access "Lunartia". He sent his clone there and enjoys the world by the clone's eyes. He also met Blissbat there and brought her back to his world.