Sola is a very distant planet from the Earth. It's a future world where science and magic coexist. The ecology is similar to that of Earth, but there are no humans like ones of the Earth, instead there are furries walking by two feet. Let's take a look at a part of the world that is plausibly different from the Earth.


"Humans" of Sola

In Sola, the word "humans" refers to furries evolved from various animals. They lose their original animal habits and live like humans of the Earth regardless of their race, with almost the same physique, body structure and habits. However, the appearance of each race is obviously different, so they call each other by the name of the original animal as the race name. Only some mammals and reptiles have evolved into humans.

(*) The humans of Sola are be called "Solaliens" in these series.

Physical Characteristics

Except for Bats, each hand of a Solalien has four fingers. No paw pads or hooves on their hands and feet. . Aquatic races such as Dolphins have thicker hands and feet than land races, and no toes on their feet. They have the same internal structure and are all omnivorous. Only one base color on each Solalien. If there are patterns on the body, they are similar to the base color of the body.

Unlike other races of Solalien, Bats have wings like original bats instead of hands. They are a special race that can fly into the sky without relying on magic. However, due to their body structure, they cannot wear the costumes of other races.

Solalien grow at a similar rate to humans of the Earth, but the benchmark for adulthood is lower than on Earth, and they are usually considered adults at around 15 years old. Their bodies are strong and their medical technology is more advanced, so they rarely suffer from injuries or illnesses.


Although Solaliens wear clothes, they consider it only fashionable and are not ashamed even if they are completely naked. They often wear only tops, and sometimes tops and bottoms. They rarely wear shoes. Bats have a very different body type from other races, so their clothes are almost exclusively for them.


The ability to control unimaginable phenomena -- calling forth flames or transforming into other creatures -- is similar to magic in the fantasy world, but in Sola, magic has a deep influence on daily life. Magicians are like specialists, craftsmen, or athletes, and Solaliens don't think magic is mysterious. There are many areas of magic, and it is not unusual than a magician can only use a small part of magic.

The use of magic is regulated by international organizations, and in some cases, the use of magic requires permission. It is common world to get a patent on newly developed magic and use it commercially in Sola.

Magicial Energy

The energy necessary for the use of magic. All Solaliens have magical energy in their bodies. Not only when the moment starting magic but also when transforming, magical energy is consumed. Magical energy can be restored by resting, but it can be restored more quickly by drinking magical energy recovery potion. However, if someone uses the potion in succession, the efficiency of recovery will decrease.

Transformation Magic

Transformation magic, like changing species or body structure, continues consuming magical energy during the magic working. Usuallu, the magic making users bigger or stronger costs more magical energy, and the one making users weaker or smaller costs less.

There are two types of transformation magic, "temporary" and "long-lasting". Even though they have the same effect, they are used in different ways. Magic of the temporary type can only work for a period of time, but the process required to activate it is relatively simple. Magic of the long-lasting type won't end until it is canceled, but the process of activating it is complicated, so it is not suitable for frequent activation and cancellation.

Even if someone don't know how to use the transformation magic, they can ask a magician who knows it, or they can drink a magic potion. Magic potions can only be made by magicians who know the magic, so they cannot be produced in large quantities; however, they have the advantage of being able to used at any time and any place. Magic potions with main and additional effects, or whose effects do not conflict, can be mixed and taken together and still work properly.

Balloonie TF Magic

A magic that turns living things into latex balloons. The effect is simple to explain, but in reality it is a very difficult magic to learn, and for a long time it was considered to be difficult to learn but not practical, so few people could use it. Not only the general public, but also the magicians who know about this magic are extremely limited. However, since the famous magician Morado showed Balloon Magic, it became widely known and more magicians willing to learn it.

The effect of standard balloonie TF magic is to turn someone into a balloon filled with air, while retaining the original body shape as much as possible. The clothes worn do not transform together. Basically, the body color and patterns will be completely reproduced, but the tongue becomes a similar color to the body. There is a blowhole at the end of the tail, and it is knotted right after the magic works. The ones who transformed can think and talk as usual, and the air inside the bodies do not leak out when mouths are opened when speaking. They can not digest food, but magic potion and magic recovery potion work when being drunk.

Normally, the body can move at will, but if they shrink beyond their original size or are over-inflated, movement becomes sluggish. They are sturdier and more stretchable than normal balloons, but they pop if they are pricked by a needle or inflated beyond the limit, just like normal balloons. Even if they pop, they automatically recover after a few minutes, but they faint and lose consciousness until the recovering is complete.