Vivid Park


Vivid Park

Vivid Park

Vivid Park is a traveling carnival planned and realized by the famous magician of Sola. It is created by "Balloon Magic" and filled with balloons. Visitors can become balloons and inflatables to better enjoy the world of balloons more. Vivid Park is managed by eight excellent magicians named "Vivid Masters", together with "Navy", the guide robots to help them in the park.

Balloon Magic

Balloon Magic is a generic name for the magic related to balloons named by Sola's famous magician and leader of Vivid Park, Morado. Some of the magic are original, while others are improved and developed by Morado. Visitors will be able to enjoy Balloon Magic in Vivid Park.

Here are more details about Balloon Magic.The magic that can only be used by the Vivid Masters will be introduced later. Except for "Furry-balloonie", visitors can experience them by taking magic potions in the park or by asking the Vivid Masters to cast a spell on them.


Furry-balloonie TF is a new transformation magic developed by Morado based on another magic. There is almost no change in appearance after the transformation, but the body becomes able to inflate like a balloon. When not inflated, the body feels the same as usual, so the one transformed can enjoy the fun of inflating while keeping a normal body. The hard parts of the body, like horns or scales, will be replaced by softer materials that are friendly to balloons. The appetite will be lost due to reduced digestive function, but can still absorb liquids or some soft foods.

The furry-balloonie TF and the following "latex TF" are the same system of magic, and these two states can be switched easily. When being a furry-balloonie, balloonie TF and inflatable TF cost less magic power than usual. They will return to furry-balloonie when the transformation is cancelled. Due to a different magic, even if visitors are overinflated, the air will automatically leak out and they will not pop. The anti-popping magic will be temporarily removed when transforming into a balloonie or an inflatable.

Visitors are transformed into furry-balloonies when going into Vivid Park, and will return to normal when leaving the park. At present, only Vivid Masters can use this magic freely.

Latex TF

Latex TF magic will maintain the original body shape but will be replace it entirely with latex-like material. Compared to furry-balloonie, the body is more flexible and feels more like a balloon. However, since the sensation of the body is much different than usual, Morado thought that some people might not like it, so he developed the Furry-balloonie TF based on latex TF. Latex TF and furry-balloonie TF are the same system of magic and they share lots of features. The anti-popping magic also works during Latex TF.

Balloonie TF

(For more details, please read Introduction of Worlds.)

In Vivid Park, many balloonie TF magic potions with additional effects are prepared so that visitors can enjoy their balloonie bodies more. There are also attractions designed for balloonie TF.

Inflatable TF

A magic that turns creatures into inflatable toys. Similar to balloonie TF, the tongue also changes to a color similar to the body. The air plug is attached to the side of the tail, and the direction of attachment varies according to gender; for males, the air plug is on the left side, and for females, it is on the right side. In its normal state, it cannot be inflated to a large size like balloonie TF, but it can be enlarged with additional magic. There are also other magic that can change the shape into a swimming ring and so on.

Vivid Masters

Vivid Masters are the eight magicians managing Vivid Park. Excluding the engineer Bleu, each of them is in charge of one or more areas. They were taught Balloon Magic directly by Morado, which they fully use in Vivid Park. All of the Vivid Masters get along well with each other and often live together.

For the introduction of each Vivid Master, please read the pages under "Characters". Here are the introductions of the unique abilities that all of them can use.

Balloon Magic

All Vivid Masters can use "furry-balloonie TF", "latex TF", "balloonie TF" and "inflatable TF" magic to themselves. While transformed into these states, they can freely use the abilities described below at any time. ("Making balloons and inflatables" can be used even when not transformed.)

The furry-balloonie TF magic for visitors of Vivid Park is a temporary type; in contrast, the one Vivid Masters use is a long-lasting type. Vivid Masters transform into furry-balloonie not only in Vivid Park, but also during daily life.

Expanded Lung Capacity

Vivid Masters can increase their lung capacity several times more than normal people by storing air in their bodies. Inhaled air is compressed, and even when inhaling large amounts of air, the shape of the body remains almost unchanged and can then inflate a huge balloon in a single breath. They can also inflate themselves without compressing the air, but the air will be concentrated in the stomach, so they usually use the next ability when they want to inflate themselves. When the air stored in the body is decompressed, it also expands around the stomach.

Self-inflation and Body Shape Change

Vivid Masters can inflate themselves by putting their thumbs into their mouths and blowing into them, allowing their body to expand into any shape they want. To avoid over-inflating and popping, the inflated parts will increase with the amount of air, and will return to their original size after deflation. However, there is a limit to the amount that can be increased, that limit depends on the user's skill level and remaining magical energy. The same effect can be achieved when they are inflated by a tool such as an air pump or an inflator.

Using this ability, all parts of the body can be expanded at the same time and speed to achieve gigantic sizes. Since it is only inflated by air, it is quite powerless compared to real gigantic magic, but it is less tiring to get tired, and it is more convenient for Vivid Masters who value appearance over power.

Making Balloons and Inflatables

Vivid Masters have the ability to turn the raw materials of balloons and inflatables into energy and store them as magic energy, energy stored can then be used at any time. The balloons and inflatables can be turned back into energy again. This ability can be used to easily transport a large number of equipment in Vivid Park. However, living balloons and inflatables cannot be turned into energy.

By adding additional spells when creating balloons and inflatables, they can move automatically even when they are far away from the magicians. If the magician's skill is good enough, he or she can also make the balloons or inflatables move like real creatures. However, they can only move according to the spell and are not really alive. They can then be turned back into energy and stored. Spells can be added or rewritten afterwards. If no additional spell is added, they will temporarily stop moving when deflating. They will be able to move again after being re-inflated; however, they stop functioning if they pop.

Special ability of Balloonie TF and Inflatable TF

  • Normally, it consumes magic energy to increase the mass of the body, but when transforming into a balloonie or an inflatable, it is able to use the energy of balloons and inflatables instead to save magic energy.
  • They can control their weight. For example, flying in the air without being filled with helium as a balloonie, or diving into the water against buoyancy as an inflatable.
  • They can open and close their knots of balloonies or valves of inflatables, and release the air inside of bodies anytime without using their hands.
  • They can move even if they are deflated and flattened. Even though they cannot move as freely as usual, they can still do simple actions such as crawling on the ground or connecting a helium cylinder to re-inflate themselves.
  • They will maintain consciousness even if they pop. It takes just a few seconds to revive after popping, or remain as shreds if they want to.

Dragon TF

The dragon TF magic is a very popular magic in Sola that can transform someone into a big and strong dragon. However, it has a disadvantage in that it spends lots of magic energy and tires out the user easily. The version of dragon TF in Vivid Park is adjusted to match the atmosphere of the amusement park, with a simple appearance, smaller size, and no special abilities such as spitting fire; however, it consumes less magic energy and can stay in dragon form longer. The dragon form is latex-like, scaleless, and with horns and claws that are made of soft material. Like balloonie TF and inflatable TF, the color of the tongue become close to the color of the body.

In Vivid Park, there are also dragon TF magic potions for visitors, but they are only for balloonies and inflatables. Like the original dragon TF magic, the posture of the dragon is different for each person, and the size is proportional to the original height.

Special Costume

The costume that Vivid Masters usually wear are made by special material, which are linked to the state of the wearers. The clothes stretch when the wearers expand or become huge, and will not be torn or bind their bodies. Furthermore, the wearers can also temporarily let the clothing disappear when transforming into balloonies or inflatables. The costumes will also disappear during dragon TF.


The content of the introductions here may change depending on the location of Vivid Park. The character introduction pages will provide more detailed information about each area where each Vivid Master is working.


The entrance to Vivid Park. The magic circle cast here automatically transforms visitors into furry-balloonies, and turns them back to normal when they leave the park. Navi are in charge of the reception. Personal belongings are not allowed to be brought into the park, and will be left in Navi's care until the visitors leave.

Scarlett Adventure

An area centered on action games and athletics, consisting of an amusement arcade and a large arena. There are many balloon-related games in the amusement arcade. Various competitions are held in the arena where visitors can participate in or watch the games freely.

Morado Circus

A large and prominent tent, usually located in the middle of Vivid Park. Circus and magic shows are held several times a day where visitors can enjoy watching the shows starring the world-famous magician, Morado.

Aqua Swimming Pool

A huge inflatable pool with water slides and other inflatable toys. Visitors can try to become inflatables and enjoy the feeling of floating on the water, and sometimes they will also be able to watch the inflatable dolphin shows.

Kelly Roller Coaster

An inflatable roller coaster that spans the entire park. Aside from it being an inflatable, it looks just like a regular roller coaster; however, there is a special route that can only be experienced here.

Fuchsia World

An area with a carousel and many cute bouncy castles. Visitors can enjoy live performances hosted by Fuchsia on the central stage, there will occasionally be game competitions held here as well. It is also the entrance for sightseeing balloons.

Maize Maze

Giant inflatable mazes. There are courses of different difficulty levels to suit the tastes of the challengers, with some courses only available for balloonie TF which contain many tricks.

Rest Area

A rest area with a merchandise shop. Visitors can chat with Clementine who is in charge. This is also where magic potions are prepared. Visitors can get the potions delivered to them anywhere within the park by asking Navy.


A large open space between the different areas. Visitors can play bouncy castles or enjoy inflatable decorations while taking a break. The number and shape of the piazzas will be adjusted according to the topography and size of the site.

Sightseeing Balloons

Colorful balloons floating above Vivid Park. The balloons fly around the park on a predetermined course, providing a panoramic view of the park from above. Visitors can also become balloons themselves. The entrance is in Fuchsia World.

Staff Room

The trucks used to transport equipment are used as staff rooms during the opening hours of the park. Only one of the several trucks is used as a control room, where the engineer Bleu checks the status of the park through Navy, the guide robots. They are placed in inconspicuous places, so it is difficult for people to notice them.


A huge barrier made of magic that covers the entire park. It blocks all objects from entering or leaving the park, the only way in or out is through the entrance. The barrier not only prevents wild birds from accidentally entering the park, but also blocks rainwater so that visitors can enjoy themselves on rainy days. Visitors transforming into balloonies will stop at the barrier and be easily rescued even if they accidentally float up into the air.