Puffy World


Puffy World is a place that balloonie animals called "animalloons" live in. Animalloons enjoy their lives of floating, inflation, and sometimes festivals. There are also dwellers with odd personalities who often create problems...


Puffy World

Puffy World

Animalloons are the only one kind of creatures in Puffy World. Much parts of Puffy World are like the real world we know, but there are still something different. You can find lots of balloons and inflatables, and you may not see anything sharp there. Besides, there are some peculiar technologies (magic?) in Puffy World.

At the center of Puffy World, there is a castle that the dwellers cannot get in. Other places there are some areas uesd for events like festivals.


Animalloons are living balloons that look like animals. Animalloons can heal even if they pop, though they cannot do anything when being some shreds of latex.

There are hundreds of animalloons in Puffy World. Every animalloon have their "role", "color" and "type".

About "Role"

Dwellers: The most part of animalloons. They just play like children everyday.

Staff and Police: Working animalloons. They don't have their own names, so dwellers always call them staff or police. They heal faster than dwellers.

There is also "The King" who does not belong to either role and is the only one in the world.

About "Color"

The rules of colors of dwellers are different from the working animalloons.

Dwellers: It's colorful like real balloons when lots of dwellers stay together, but there is only one group of colors on one dweller. They have a main color, light patterns (maybe no) and dark patterns. The dark patterns never cover the knot on their tail.

Staff and Police: All Staff have white bodies and blue eyes, and all Police have black bodies and yellow eyes.

About "Type"

There are many "kinds of animals" in animalloons, like foxes, rebbits or cats. The same types of animalloons have the same shapes.