About this Site


Tsukiiro Souko is a personal website made by "Reynard Wingfox" and includes fanarts and original artworks. The contents may include fetishism and sensitive (sexual) things.

DO NOT use, reproduce or repost any arts done by me.

Free materials may be used in the artworks. Some of the decorations on this site are made by AI.

You can quickly move to the pages of each series from the menu button on the top left of the home page. Please make use of it.

Guide of Fanart

All characters on this site are open to secondary creation, and you are welcome to communicate with your own characters. However, please understand that I may not be able to respond to all of the submissions.

There are one or more color palettes in each page of original characters. If the color of the tongue is not mentioned, it means it is pink, the same color as normal humans or animals.

About Tags

The "#Tags" at the end of characters' profiles describe their characteristics, attributes or treatment. There are two types: emphasized and unemphasized.

#Tag: When emphasized like this, it represents the character's inherent attributes or the meaning of a situation that is often encountered in the creation of the character.

#Tag: When it is not emphasized, it means that the original work doesn't always exist, but it doesn't matter if it is added in the second creation.

[List of Tags and Descriptions]

Tag Category Description
#Fursona Role Fursonas of the author (Reynard Wingfox).
#MainCharacter Role The main characters of a story.
#Villain Role Villains.
#Lunartian Species Characters born on Lunartia.
#Solalien Species Humans of Sola.
#Animalloon Species Animalloons.
#Succuballoon Species Succuballoons.
#Dragon Species Dragons. Those who look like dragons or can transform into dragons are also included.
#Ghost Species Ghosts.
#AsianSpirit Species Yaoguai / Yokai. Spirits of asian folklore.
#Robot Species Robots. The ones that need to be operated by humans are not included.
#Balloonie Feature Balloonie characters.
#Inflatable Feature Inflatable characters.
#InflationCreature Feature The species being used to inflation.
#Amorphous Feature Amorphous creatures.
#Magician Feature Magicians, or the aspiring ones.
#LabCoat Feature Characters who often wear lab coats.
#ExHuman Feature Characters who can change their own race are not included.
#BalloonFetish Fetishism All characters being balloon fetish are also inflatable fetish in this website.
Fetishism Characters that can transform into balloonies / inflatables by the power of themselves.
Fetishism Situations of characters transformed into balloonies / inflatables by others' power.
#Inflation Fetishism Situations of inflation.
#Transformation Fetishism Situations or the power of transformation.
#Flattening Fetishism Situations or the power of flattening.
#Macro Fetishism Situations or the power of macro.
#Shrinking Fetishism Situations or the power of shrinking.
#Shapeshifting Fetishism The power of shapeshifting.