Attention: This series contains sexual & homosexual content.

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Floaters is a group of Pokemon that can freely transform into balloons. With Reynard, a strange Vulpix with wings on his back, the members of Floaters live a light and airy life every day...


About the World

The world of Floaters is based on Pokemon games and anime. Different from the original, some Pokemon live like humans, and most Pokemon can walk on two feet.


About Floaters

Team Floaters is created by Reynard, a fantastic Vulpix. It has no special purpose, but just get together to play and mingle; However, because the leader allows almost all the members to balloonie TF, they often become balloons to enjoy a different life than usual. In addition, teams created by other leaders having ability of balloonie TF also called "Floaters" for convenience.

Balloonie TF

After ballooning, the body will remain mostly in its original shape and become a rubber balloon filled with air inside. In the body somewhere (usually the tail) will appear balloon mouthpiece, at first it will be a knotted state. Even if it becomes a balloon, it can move freely and talk in its normal state, but the structure is far from the body and it takes time to get used to it.

After ballooning, the Pokemon will expand and shrink when more air is injected, just like an ordinary rubber balloon. It will also break when pricked by a needle or over-inflated, but it is stronger than a normal balloon and will not simply break. The air inside the body can be replaced with helium and it can move without any problem. Even if you don't fill it with helium, you can float in the air by swinging your body like swimming, but when you stop, you will fall back to the ground.

When the body expands beyond its normal size, it gradually rounds out and grows in size. A small number of members who have the ability to control the way they expand can make their torsos round and bigger by their own consciousness when they are inflated. If the body becomes round, it will become difficult to move, but it is easier to float up. The limit of inflation varies from person to person, but at least within four times the original height can still be held.

Overinflation or lack of air in the body can cause the body to become sluggish. During the period of becoming a balloon, it will lose consciousness when it ruptures or completely deflates. If it is left unattended for some time, it will automatically inflate to its normal size. After deflating, it will also re-inflate after a while, but if it is put into a small container after deflating, it will not inflate automatically if it cannot be properly replenished with air.

Reynard and other leaders are ballooning abilities, and they are able to share their abilities with the group members. The group members who get the ability can turn into balloons freely like the group leaders, but cannot share the ability to other Pokemon again.


Season 1

Catho, who lives in Battle Frontier of Hoenn, meets the incredible Vulpix -- Reynard, who can transform into a balloon, and together they travel to Sinnoh, where they meet new partners. Reynard established Team Floaters, which has no special purpose but to live leisurely and freely. After that Reynard's balloonie TF ability is strengthened, so that other members of the group can also be transformed into balloons.

Season 2

One day, Reynard's impostor appeared in the Floaters, whose real identity is Zerroa the Zorua, who lives in the Unova region. Zerroa also has the balloonie TF ability, in order to fight Floaters and collect members to create Team Bursters, but the members ignore Zerroa's ideas and Floaters remain friendly.

Season 3

Floaters receives a gift box, and after opening it, Macaron the Fennekin, who has turned into a balloon, jumps out of it. Macaron, who lives in Kalos, is a loyal fan of Reynard and has formed a new team called Team Pumpers to support Floaters. Through the teleportation doors, the communication between the three teams grows day by day.

Season 4

Through the power of Hoopa, Reynard and the others go to Alola to have a happy time. A few days later, Celestine the Alolan Vulpix visits team Floaters. She also has the ability of balloonie TF, and she created Team Breezers. Using the teleportation device, they enjoy their lives in both Sinnoh and Alola.

Season 5

While the leaders are exchanging ideas, Cheshire the Nickit suddenly appears and returns to Galar after leaving a message about stealing Macaron's heart. Curious about Galar, the members of the group, with the help of Hoopa, enjoy a tour of Galar for a while. Afterwards, they learn about the formation of Team Dreamers and more incredible phenomena other than the balloonie TF.

Season 6

On their way to Paldea to visit Paldea again with the power of Hoopa, the members of the team learned about the existence of Team Siesta. It turns out that Haskap the Zorua, who used to live in Hisui, traveled back in time and drifted to the Paldea Region, and became the leader of the new team by chance.


Team Floaters

Team Floaters

"Team Floaters" is a Pokemon group based in Sinnoh Region. The leader of the group is Reynard the Vulpix, and there is no specific purpose, but ballooning-related activities increased after Reynard distributed ballooning abilities to the group members, which also influenced the organization later.

"Team Floaters Secret Base" is a house surrounded by forest in Sinnoh Region. Rayquaza had commissioned Palkia to make the building several times wider than the original without changing its appearance. The space around the building is also distorted so that Pokemon and humans who are unaware of the building's existence cannot approach it, but there are exceptions like Reynard. In addition, the road directly in front of the building leads to Jubilife City.

Whenever a new group is formed, additional doors or devices are added to the Team Floaters Secret Base that can move to each group instantly. Therefore, members of other groups often come to Team Floaters Secret Base for activities and exchanges.

Team Bursters

Team Bursters

"Team Bursters" is a group of Pokemon based in Unova region, with ballooning activities as the main focus. The leader of the group is Zerroa the Zorua, who says that it was established to fight against Floaters, but in reality, Zerroa is the only one who is doing the nuisance.

"Team Bursters Hideout" is in a high-rise building in Castelia City that is mainly used by Pokemon. The location is quite spacious, but it's still not enough compared to Team Floaters Secret Base, and the activities are limited to indoor areas, so the group members often go to Floaters to play.

Team Pumpers

Team Pumpers

"Team Pumpers" is a group of Pokemon based in Kalos Region, with ballooning activities as the main focus. The leader of the group is Macaron the Fennekin, who says it is an organization to help cheer Floaters. The members of the group also communicate with Floaters frequently, so it can be said that it is the Kalos branch of Floaters.

"Team Pumpers Hose" is a building in the shopping district of Lumiose City. Originally a hotel, it was bought by Pumpers and used as a base. There is an incredible door to the Team Floaters Secret Base, and members of the group often go to the Floaters side to play. The features such as limited spaciousness and limited indoor activities are somewhat similar to Team Bursters Hideout.

Team Breezers

Team Breezers

"Team Breezers" is a group of Pokemon based in Alola Region, with ballooning activities as their main focus. The leader of the group is Celestine the Alolan Vulpix. Team Breezers were established to fight against the Floaters, but unlike Zerroa, Celestine is not specifically trying to harm Reynard.

"Team Breezers Paradise" is a small island near Melemele Island and its facilities. The Breezers do not have an instant portal, but instead a portal developed by other groups, which allows direct access to Floaters, and is often visited by members of other groups. To get to other islands in Alola, you will use a speedboat.

Team Dreamers

Team Dreamers

"Team Dreamers" is a group of Pokemon based in Galar Region, with ballooning activities as their main focus. The leader of the group is Cheshire the Nickit. The team's goal is to create a wonderful tea party environment and to actively interact with other teams.

"Team Dreamers Castle" is an old castle a bit far from Wedgehurst. It is a spooky place, rumored to be haunted by ghosts, but because of this, it is easy to move around without being approached by anyone other than members of the group. There is also an incredible door that leads to Team Floaters Secret Base.

Team Siesta

Team Siesta

"Team Siesta" is a group of Pokemon based in Paldea Region, with ballooning activities as their main focus. The leader of the group is Haskap the Hisuian Zorua (Shiny). As the name suggests, the group's approach is to float around with ease. It is also friendly with other groups.

"Team Siesta Club" is a small house in the Cabo Poco. It's a bit narrow inside, but outside it's spacious and has a nice view. It is also close to the sea. For indoor activities, you can go to Team Floaters Secret Base through an incredible door.


Explanations of Profile
  • Walking By Usually walks with two or four feet.
  • Hometown Where the character lived before debut.
  • Living In Where the character lives now.
  • Debut The season of the character's debut of comics.
  • Balloonie TF Has the power of balloonie TF or not.
Explanations of "Information of Balloonie"
  • Position of Knot Position of the knot when being a ballonie.
  • Limit of Inflation Number of 🎈 shows how the character can get large when being a balloonie. Maximum is 5.
  • Controll Inflating Style Can inflate to a round shape or not when being a balloonie.
  • Air or Helium Prefer to be filled with air or helium when being a balloonie.
  • Favorite Hobby The favorite thing to do that can only be done by a balloonie.
  • Feeling of Popping Feeling about the popping of him/herself that being a balloonie.